Davit Buniatyan
Founding CEO at Activeloop
PhD dropout building Database for AI


Born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. Graduated IB class of Quantum College in 2013. Then majored in Computer Science at UCL . Prof. Lourdes Agapito and Dr. Adrián Peñate Sánchez supervised my final-year bachelors project.
In 2016, became a PhD student at Princeton University with Gordon Wu fellowship. Worked on Connectomics advised by Sebastian Seung at Princeton Nueroscience Institute.
Got to Y Combinator in 2018, moved to Bay Area and started Activeloop, formerly known as Snark AI. Currently working on building Database for AI.


Check Google Scholar for more recent one
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  • Activeloop snags $5M seed to build streaming database for AI applications Techcrunch in 2021
  • Snark AI looks to help companies get on-demand access to idle GPUs Techcrunch in 2018
  • Alexa, be more human CNET. A chat with Pixie, Princeton University's socialbot Youtube, 2017
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